Chaloner the Slate Loco (Heidi's Favorite)

Chaloner is an older relative of resident Llanfair, having been built by De Winton of Caernarfon in 1877, at the Union Foundry, whose main building still stands across the road from Caernarfon Station. This firm produced ironwork still to be found throughout the area (for instance parts of bridges near the station), and specialized in supplying machinery for slate quarries. These simple vertical-boilered locomotives owe more to marine engineering than to conventional railway practice, and replaced horse haulage in many quarries. Chaloner worked in the Nantlle Vale south of Caernarfon, first at Pen-y-Bryn and later Pen-yr-Orsedd quarries, and is the only original De Winton in working order. Usually based at Leighton Buzzard, this is a widely-traveled engine, its past ports of call including the FR and WHR (Porthmadog).

The only original vertical boiler loco to have been restored. Built in Caernarfon for Pen-y-Bryn quarry who sold both their De Wintons to Pen-yr-Orsedd – Chaloner in 1888 and Rhymney (scrapped 1933) in 1892. One of about ten De Wintons owned by Pen-yr-Orsedd . Steams occasionally at Leighton Buzzard. One of the oldest working locos in the UK. In 2005 may visit Paris and Llanberis (to see her old pal Una).







L: 520 mm B: 220 mm H: 430 mm L :470mm B: 190mm H:250mm T: 4.1 kg  € 498.75  L:400 mm B:190 mm H:85mm T 4.1 kg  € 393.75

soben eingetroffen, am 25.Mai 2007 nach
23 Tägiger Irrfahrt von England nach Adliswil

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zur Zeit noch nicht in Betrieb wegen Gasanschluss-Problemen und fehlenden Wagen

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