Maltiempo Mill 403

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Being the nearest n.g. steam mill to Santa Clara, well reported and with good action, visitors flock here (the standard gauge LP has been diesel for many years). This year they reported mixed experiences here, with at least one crew coming over very heavy in demands for 'goodies' and various acts of petty vandalism while on the lineside. However, as usual most of the crews were co-operative and enjoyed the attention. Locos work smokebox first to and from the LPs (La Theresa and La Vega) en route to Potrerillo (although short sections such as La Vega from La Theresa may be tender first.). The line twists and undulates and locos are thrashed hard on the climbs, the proximity of the burners to the ground causing vibrations which bring about strange sound effects on videos. Various dirt tracks lead to the line from the main road running south-east from Cruces. There are regular trips through the day, although more than most mills this one tends to be quiet on Sundays and early on Mondays. There are maps in CRJ 104 and WS 128.

1221, 1345 repairs
1320, 1321, 1355 in use
1322 spare

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Alle Aufnahmen 2003 Maltiempo

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1355 Mal Tiempo, Cruces, CFG 2-8-0

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1320 Guillermo Moncada, Abreus, CFG 2-8-0 Baldwin, 6/1909, CN 33500760mm
1322 Guillermo Moncada, Abreus, CFG 2-8-0Baldwin, 10/1906, CN 29277760mm
1321 Guillermo Moncada, Abreus, CFG RESTORATION  2-8-0
  Baldwin, 7/1913, CN 40224760mm
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1345 Catorce de Julio, Rodas, CFG 2-8-0Baldwin, 11/1920, CN 54011760mm
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1848 Primero de Mayo, Aguada de Pasajeros, CFG 2-8-0Baldwin, 11/1923, CN 57407
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