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This mill did not work in 1997 according to nearly all visitors (Bryan Acford found it at work on Feb 7th) but the rail system was in use shipping cane to nearby mill 448 Simon Bolivar However, activity did seem much reduced with most of the work being carried out by diesels. Most visitors reported steam sitting on shed idle for long periods. In a normal season, there are main lines east and west. Traditionally, the west line is steam operated, being followed by a dirt road most of the way. Although sections are heavily grassed in, it passes through the middle of an attractive village near the far end. The east line (usually diesel in recent years) passes to the south of mill 448, crossing the 'Hill line' at Centeno. 

1333, 1334, 1354, 1366 in use
1420 spare
1335 derelict

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1334 2-8-0Baldwin, 10/1919, CN 52414 700mm
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