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There are 3 lines worked at this mill. There is a large LP to the north of the mill on the approach road, which has a steep gradient for empties. There is a second LP to the NE of the mill. Locos work smokebox first uphill on these lines, which are best photographed in the morning (or late afternoon to for the N LP). The final line leaves the back of the mill and curves round the contours before reaching the LP some 8 km west of the mill. This line can be followed most of the way by a road which leads off from the west side of the mill. The LP itself is approachable from the main road from Cienfuegos (opposite the large thatched hut). The locos are generally in good condition, which is more than can be said for the mill. When it operates effectively, the steam activity is tremendous. There is a map in WS 136.

1236 pilot
1337, 1357, 1358 in use
1164, 1165 spare

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1357 2-8-0Baldwin, 7/1909, CN 33553 760mm
1164 2-6-0Baldwin, 8/1919, CN 52163 760mm
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1357 Nov 2011 in Havanna
1358 Nov 2011 in Havanna 1358 Nov 2011 in Havanna
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1236 2-8-0Baldwin, 10/1910, CN 35459 760mm

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